Are you interested in selling your home, but do not know the current value?


I offer a free comparable market analysis to all of my prospective sellers. A comparable market analysis (CMA), is a report comparing your home with similar homes in the area that are currently listed, under contract, or have sold within the last 12 months. Supply and demand, amenities, location, and condition can all impact the price of your home.

When I discuss the CMA with you regarding your property, I will also discuss my aggressive marketing plan to get your home sold. My marketing strategy consists of:


  • A lawn sign
  • Entering your home into both the Dayton and Cincinnati Multiple Listing Service with several color photos of your home
  • Syndicating your listing to several different real estate sites throughout the internet such as Trulia,, Zillow, Irongate Realtors, my personal website, and many more
  • Advertising in the colored Real Estate section of the local newspaper
  • Advertising your home in the Real Estate For Sale magazine made available at local grocery stores
  • Open houses
  • Preparing Property Brochures
  • Creating virtual tours of your property
    And much more!!!


If you would like a FREE Comparible Market Analysis of your home, please call me at 937-307-3156 or email me at